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How To Spray Tan | Training Manual
  • How To Spray Tan | Training Manual

    Interested in learning how spray tanning and airbrush tanning works?


    This downloadable 46 page booklet will give you all the science + knowledge + tips needed to learn how to spray tan and perfect your spray tan skill. With an easy to navigate index, that allows you to skip to exactly what you need to learn anytime you want. Convent for learning at your leisure and training on on the go.

    Learn about the anatomy of the skin

    How spray tanning works

    How to skin type your clients

    How to color match solutions to each skin type

    How to spray tan different skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo)

    How to prep the skin for the perfect spray tan result

    Spray Tanning positions and variations for spray tanning different areas of the body.

    Business set up and tool

    Spray Tan Solutions (the 4 different types)

    Spray Tan Consent Form

    Record keeping and ways to build a raving clientele


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